Spaquip 40mm threaded, 50mm Spg x 40mm Skt Heater Tee Male Tail Union Body


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Thread size is 40mm union size (approx 70mm OD) This is a specialty component used on (and supplied with) Spa Power 400 heater tees, and suits all older Pulsar, 2095 & Intuitive 50mm heater tees as well. This component is used for 2 purposes:

1. to allow the heater tee to be installed mid plumbing away from the pump. In this case 40mm / 1.5" pipe can glue straight inside this fitting or 50mm /2" fittings such as couplings or elbows can glue straight over the outside of this fitting.

2. to convert the heater tee to suit a replacement pump that does not have the original Spaquip 40mm MAC thread. ie if the pump is replaced with a Spaquip Maxiflow, Aquaflo XP2, Davey QB, Piranha, LX or other pump fitted with 50mm/2" unions. In these cases, this male tail fitting will glue straight into the new pump's union and the heater tee can thread straight onto it.