Spanet SV Mini 1 Retro Kit (15A, 2.0kW Htr, T/Pad, 2 x AMP Cables)


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Spant SV Mini complete with Touch Pad and 2.0kw Heater.



Setting a new standard in entry level spa controls, the SV Mini is the small spa control with the big spa features



SV Mini 230volt outputs



PUMP 1 , Circ Pump, 1Spd Pump, 2Spd Pump (the pump on this outlet must be pushing water through the heater)



AUX, 1Spd Pump or Blower



230V, this outlet has a constant 230volts and is not switchable (can be used to power a heat pump or any other item requiring a constant 230volts)



O3/UV, this outlet is only to be used with an ozone system



SV Mini low voltage ouputs





1 x Touch pad ouplet



1 x light port



1 x Heat Pump Port



1 x Wifi Port



SV Mini Power Ratings



Input Voltage: 220-240volt 50/60hz



Rated with mains lead: 15amp max



Rated when hard wired: 25amp max



Current rating: this unit is supplied with a 15amp lead and plug but the lead can be removed and the SV Mini can be hard wired with a 25amp power supply.



SV Mini Features



*In heater temp sensor



*Max Temp 41deg



*Adjusable Filtration



*Sleep Timer



*Heat Pump Interface



*Wifi Interface



*Programmable Load Shedding






Control box: 315W x 210H x 85D mm



Power lead: 3m



Heater including unions: 310W x 135H x 100D mm



Heater Power Lead: 1.5m (heater lead is hard wired into the controller)



Heater Data Lead: 1.5m



Touch Pad Face Size: 130W x 60H x 30D mm



Touch Pad Hole Size 110W x 40H mm



Touch Pad Lead: 2.3m



SV Mini Brochure



SV Mini installation & User Guide