Spacare Instant Filter Klenz 500mL


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Spa Care Instant Filter Klenz quickly removes debris, oils, body fats and dirt utilising a unique No Soak formula. This product is suitable for use with all cartridge filters and should be used on a weekly basis.

1. Wear protective gloves and use outdoors/well ventilated area. Avoid use on windy days.

2. Remove filter/s from the filter compartment.

3. Rinse the filter/s with fresh water, a hose pipe is ideal to remove loose pollution from the filter.

4. Turn the nozzle on the trigger spray applicator from the STOP to SPRAY position.

5. Thoroughly spray the filter with Instant Filter Klenz taking care to penetrate the filter veins with product.

6. After use turn the nozzle of the spray applicator from SPRAY to STOP and store the bottle safely.

7. Leave the filter/s to stand for a minimum 15 minutes.

8. Rinse the filter/s thoroughly with fresh water from a hose pipe – at this stage foaming may occur.
Continue rinsing until foaming stops.

9. Heavily soiled filters may require a second application.

10. Once the filters have been thoroughly cleaned and flushed, they can be returned to the filter compartment of your spa or hot tub.

Any advice or suggestions above, including but not limited to instructions and dosing rates are intended to be a guide only.

Spa-Craft and its staff recommend you read the full instructions on all chemical containers.

We will not accept responsibility for the use of these products.