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Chlorine-free Spa Magic 500ml


Spa Magic is a 14 natural seaweed enzymes based spa treatment. It works best at a higher pH than normal. After balancing the spa, raise pH to around-8.0.


Spa Magic is only active in HOT water. Do not try to use it in a low temperature environment. Ensure the water is over 35 degrees Celcius.


Spa Magic works through the action of natural enzymes. Unlike chlorine, which is also an oxidizer, Spa Magic has no oxidizing action. The oxidation action is a chemical activity which literally burns out contaminants in the water. As Spa Magic has no oxidizing action, contaminants can only be caught in the filter. Therefore, with Spa Magic, it is essential that the cartridge is cleaned on a regular basis. You should also run the pump for a longer period, so that spa water is adequately filtered.


Eco friendly 90 day water care formula for hot tubs :


-100% bio-based- completely bio-degradeable


-FREE from chlorine or bromine toxicity


-FREE from itching, rashes or burning eyes


-FREE from daily maintenance and testing


A single bottle of Spa Magic (500 ml) is suitable for spas up to 1000 litres and lasts up to 2-3 months.


Key requirements for Spa Magic :


pH between 7.8-8.0; Filter cleaned regularly; Hot water usage only; Longer filtration time


Initial usage of Spa Magic:


With spas that are being converted from chlorine to Spa Magic, it is preferable that the first bottle be used as a cleanser. Empty a complete bottle in to existing spa water and filter for at least 24 hours. Wash down the spa cover with this water. Then drain spa and refill with fresh water. By using Spa Magic as a cleanser, it is neutralising the chlorine build -up in the spa pipework.


Add another bottle of Spa Magic to fresh water and now the spa is ready for use.


Alternatively, you can just try add a bottle of Spa Magic directly to fresh spa water and then start using the spa immediately (results may vary).


Note, the neutralisation process may carry on for several days. Sometimes, the spa water can go cloudy, and even start to smell. This is an indication that Spa Magic is working and is still seeking out and neutralising chlorine build-up in the pipework.


If this occurs, add a shock dose of chlorine to the spa and add a clarifier. The spa water should recover and become clear again. If the spa water remains cloudy and smelly, empty the spa water, refill and add a fresh bottle of Spa Magic. (This is usually only required where an initial bottle was NOT added as a cleanser.)


Sometimes, with new spas, the water can also become cloudy and smelly. This is because Spa Magic is struggling to cope with the chemical residues from the manufacturing process. In this case, follow the above options.


Ongoing use of spa magic.


Once Spa Magic has adjusted to your spa, you will find it very easy to use. A single step system that keeps your spa fresh for up to 2-3 months and doesn't change change water chemistry. What could be easier ?


Because spa magic is non-toxic and lasts up to 2-3 months, it does not generate an obvious build-up of chemicals in the spa. Therefore, it is possible for existing spa water to be used longer than 3 months where it is looking clear and is odour-free. Simply add another bottle of Spa Magic to the spa water.


We do recommend that periodically (weekly - fortnightly, depending on usage), the spa is chlorinated with a chlorine shock treatment as a periodic safeguard against the buildup of bacteria, viruses or algae. Refrain from using the spa for 24 hours after adding the shock dose. Hot water breaks down chlorine quite rapidly, and after 24 hours the chlorine will be virtually gone.


Spa Magic also works well with our Chlorine-free Shock and Soak which is an oxidizer whose primary purpose is to burn out contaminants. It is also ideally suited to use with an Ozonator.


Useful Tips


To help avoid any issues arising, follow these 6 tips as a preventative measure


1  Set your spa to filter ideally for 16 hours per day - consult your owners manual or telephone for instructions. On lower filtration times of 6 hours per day or less, you should consider using a disposable filter - they are 50% more efficient and do not need any regular cleaning.


2   Rinse your filter weekly and allow to dry before replacing.


3  Clean filter every 4-6 weeks in a recommended cleaning solution.


4   Add an Oxidiser like Spagard Shock n Soak weekly or twice weekly if Spa is used heavily.


5   Keep a dedicated swimming costume for Spa use - just rinse after use. Do not wash these in detergent and this will prevent any residue entering the spa water.


6   Shower before using Spa - 80% of all water contamination comes from the body.






Below is a list of the main issues that may occur with your spa, but before taking action please telephone our office to discuss your problem.


Issue: Cloudy water


Possible causes


1  A large number of bathers, lotions, oils, deodorants, sunscreens or other products used on the skin, soap residues in bathing suits.


2  Contamination in the water supply or chemical residue from the pipes.


3  A fragrance has been added to the water.




1  Make sure filters are clean and the filtration system runs at least 8 hours a day. Add some oxidiser or clarifier (such as Spa World Clarifier).


2  If a fragrance was put in the water, the tub must be drained and go back to Step 2. Refrain from putting any fragrances in the water with Spa Magic. If you have an Aromatherapy Pod you can either use beads or herbal oil dispensed on a linen cloth.


3  It may be necessary to partially drain the tub (drain out 25%) and refill with fresh water. Replenish with correct proportion of Spa Magic.