(Pack 1.1) Balboa GS100 2.0kW with vl240/260 touch pad - 1 pump no air (NEW VERSION)


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Type of Product: Balboa electronic control pack with paired topside control (CABLES NOT INCLUDED)
Manufacturer: Balboa GS100 control box (NEW VERSION IN BLACK COLOUR) and Balboa vl240/260Oval LCD 3 Button topside control
Power: Volts: 230vac Hz: 50 Watts:  Amps:16A 
Specifications: Pump 1: Dual speed pump 1 Air Blower: N/A Heater: x 1 2kW Heater is a separate unit which plugs into the board. Ozone: x 1 (230vac) Light: x1 12 volt Radio TV/AV: Point available
Compatible With: Any retrofit system suitable for upgrades
Connections: 1.5-inch socket heater union sleeves. Amp cables plug onto the PCB to operate the components.
Dimensions: Length: 215 mm Width: 73 mm Height: 133 mm Topside: 110 mm x 40 mm Length of heater with unions: 375 mm
Topside Buttons: Jets Temp and Light
Items Included: 1 x Balboa VL240/260 Oval LCD 3 BUTTON 1 x Balboa 2.0KW Heater M7 (For new GS100) 1 x (Box 1.1) Balboa GS100 Control System Complete (new style) 1 x 2 pin Amp cord (light) 1 x 3 pin Amp cord 1 x 4 pin Amp cord and Wire Grommit
Additional Notes:

Controller Specifications

Heater Wattage: 2000w & 3000w

Max Current: 16amp

Power Lead: N/A

Power Lead Length: N/A

Heater Unions: 50mm or 40mm




Touch pad not to scale please check details below to confirm compatibility

* Cables not Included *

The M7 technology means you do not need to have sensors and flow switches going back into the tub as everything is done inside the control box by 2 sensorsAs this is only a 2.0kW system this makes it a useful entry-level system. The heater only draws around 8.5amps so if the system is designed to do so you could have a small combined system running from a domestic 15amp supply. You must always consult a qualified electrician for accurate information prior to installation.