LX JA35 Circulation Pump 0.33HP


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Type of Product: Circulation pump
Manufacturer: LX
Common Power Reference: 1/3 HP
Power: Volts: 230Hz: 50Motor HP Low / High: 0.33Wet End Impellor HP: 0.33Amps Low / High Speed: 1.6RPM Low / High: 2900Capacitor: 7 uf
Plumbing Connections: 1.5 inch
Electrical Connections: Comes with plain cable attached
Dimensions: Length: 325 mmHeight: 185 mmDepth: 155 mm
Commonly Used With : Chinese Spas AMC Winer Spa Spa Serve and more
Additional Notes: Unions included. Comes with an air switch facility built in. Usually left in ON position as manufactured so no need for any special wiring adaptions. If the pump didn't start first time for any reason take a piece of air tube connect it to the air switch and blow hard to activate the switch. If you don't have a piece of air tube simply wire out the air switch by joining the 2 live wires going to it.