LX Pump NEW Seal Kit Carbon/Sic/Viton (multi pump 2008 onwards)


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Type of Product: Water pump shaft seal kit
Manufacturer: LX
Pump Models: LX - JA35 JA50 JA75 JA100 JA120 JA150 JA200 TDA50 TDA75 TDA 150 TDA200 WTC50M EA320 EA350 EA390 EA450 LP150 LP200 LP250 LP300 WP200-II WP250-II WP300-II.
Dimensions: Combined Length: 30 mm Diameter: 35 mm (Ceramic) 40 mm (Spring Base)
Additional Notes:

Ceramic and Viton parts must meet to create a spring loaded seal. We suggest that you use a small amount of silicone grease to fix the metal base against the plastic housing. The rubber washer makes the other parts water tight against the plastic housing.

This will not fit the other LX pumps prior to 2008.