Ion Exchange Resin Pre Fill Filter - up to 8000 gallons


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The resin prefilter will give you a much better feeling of the water to your pool and spa as it can soften the water. It makes the water easier to balance, and makes it feel smoother. The resin in the filter can removes impurities including scale, iron, calcium salt and magnesium salt in the raw water. When the hard water becomes soft, it will also be good for your pool and spa filters. The life time of the system will be longer. You can also use the good quality water around the home, including spot-free car washing. Easy to use, attach the filter to the end of any garden hose and begin the fill.


  • Easy to use, attach to any standard garden hose
  • Extends your pool or spa filter life
  • Removes iron, lead and other heavy metals, chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, color, and many other contaminants, even odor-causing organics
  • Reduces demand on your sanitizer


  • Attach to any standard garden hose
  • Turn on water and flush filter for 20-30 seconds
  • Turn off the hose when pool or spa is filled to appropriate levels
  • Replace when filter is full and restricts water