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Type of Product: Bromine based water sanitization system for spas
Manufacturer: Aeware
Connection Size: 2 inch Socket (50mm internal diameter)
Colour / Finish: Blue/White matt
Dimensions: Height: Length: 150mm External Top Diameter: 120mm External Bottom Diameter: 85mm
Commonly Used With: Topside IN.K200 (sold separately) and In.Clear Reducers (sold separately) & Aeware control systems
Additional Notes:

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This unit would normally be plumbed in line with your filter pump on the flow side.

  • Input Rating: 240 vac nominal (+5/-10%)
  • Frequency: 60 Hz nominal (+1.5/-1.0Hz)
  • Operating Current: 0.09 A
  • Cord Type: In.Link
  • In.clearTM Flow rate:
  • A minimum of 3GPM
  • A maximum of 40GPM
  • -One of the most efficient water sanitation systems in the industry.
  • -Programmable low-level settings
  • -2 Operating Modes
  • -Low maintenance! Easy to handle
  • -Eliminates the need to add extra chemicals to destroy pollutants
  • -Does not produce any offensive odours and reduces eye irritation