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IN.K600 Static AeWare Topside Control


Aquarius Spa Parts

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Type of Product: Topside control touch panel or touch pad
Manufacturer: AeWare
Power: Volts: 12v
Compatible With: IN.XM IN.XE IN.Y systems
Button Configuration: Streamlined version with segment LCD and dedicated function keys give full access to spa functions and programming
Connections: IN.LINK
Screens: LED Screen
Dimensions: Length: 220 mm Height: 107 mm
Additional Notes: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PANEL IS DIFFERENT FROM THE GRAPHIC VERSION which is a menu-driven version and which adds complete access to in.play audio or video equipment like in.tune and control of added-value peripherals like Gecko's DJS dynamic jet sequencer (only available on IN.XM and IN.XM2).