Hot Spring Hi Limit Thermistor 2002 Onwards


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Type of Product: High Limit Sensor assembly
Manufacturer: Watkins 39204
Connections: Connect via the two pin plug and connect directly to the PCB at one end the other end is a screw type fitting.
Dimensions: Hi Limit Probe Diameter: The threaded Part is 10 mm and the ball nose is 6 mm
Hi Limit Cable Length: 1040 mm or 41 inches
Commonly Used With: These Thermistors are used in Hot Springs, Limelight and Tiger River IQ2020 Control Systems from 2002 to current. These Thermistors are completely interchangeable with #39525 - Housing was extended, allowing the Thermistor to sit deeper in the water for better temperature readings.
Additional Notes: Hotsprings Spas 2002 Onwards
Replacement for: Watkins # 39525