Gecko Aeware IN.YE-3 3.0kw Controller


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Gecko Aeware IN.YE-3 3.0kw Controller.

This control box comes complete with a 3.0kw integrated heater element and can support the following:

* 2 x 2-speed pumps or 1 x 2-speed pump with 2 single speed pump

* 1 x ozonator or 1 x circulation pump

* 2 outputs for 12V lighting

* 1 input for WIFI (in.touch)

* Norms: N – CE – CB
NOTE: Please be aware that when swapping out this controller for one that was on a Signature Spa, the old one may have different programming and could be running extra pumps then this model can. You may have to use the Aeware IN.YE-5 controller. Always confirm what equipment is in the spa, before purchasing a new controller.