EMG 48 frame 1.5hp 2spd Motor Only (GC150 replacement)


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Type of Product: Water pump / Jet pump motor
Manufacturer: E.M.G
Common Power Reference: 1.5 HP 2 Speed
Power: Volts: 230 Hz: 50 Motor HP Low / High: 0.3 / 1.5  Amps Low / High Speed: 1.5 / 6.5 RPM Low / High: 1440 / 2850 Capacitor: 16 uf / 30 uf
Plumbing Connections: n/a
Electrical Connections: No wire with pump you will need to use your existing wire. 2 x live 1 x neutral and 1 x earth.
Dimensions: Length: 240 mm (Body) 300 mm (Inc. Shaft) Height: 165 mm (Body) 221 mm (Inc. Cap Housing) Depth: 163 mm
Commonly Used With : We use this pump as a replacement option for other 48 frame models such as Vico Aqua-flo Sta-Rite GE A.O Smith Emerson Hydroair and more when there is not enough room to install a 56 frame pump.
Additional Notes:

This unit is ideal for use when there is not a lot of room in your Hot Tub to be able to install one our pumps from the 56 frame range.

This pump motor is the exact replacement for the Spaform GC150 with the blue wet end.