Edgetec Extreme Spa Jet - Grey


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Conventional jets draw air only on the outer surface of the water stream.

SVT-Super Venturi Technology-(Patented) allows the air to be drawn into both the centre and the outer surface of the water stream resulting in a more efficient venturi action.

SVT feature uses 25% less water than current spa pool jets.

The flared nozzle and twin spin designs enhance the water rotation and complete with the SVT gives you an Exhilarating massage.

  • Stainless Steel Escutcheons are 316 and have a unique rolled edge to ensure there are no sharp edges from tabs.
  • The spa jet body has the anti-vortex deflector moulded into the body.
  • The spa nut has our compensating ring and nut design to ensure a total uniform pressure on any undulating surface.

Jet face diameter is 74mm and the hole size required is 54mm