(Davey) Spa Power SP750 2kW Heater


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Type of Product: Heater assembly
Manufacturer: Spa Power
Power: Volts: 230 Hz: 50 KW: 2

Required flow rate: 21gpm

Flow detection: Built into heater

Compatible With: Spa Power SP750
Connections & Fixings:

Usually held in with a double metal brace. 2 inches white plastic female sockets to connect to plumbing

Please note that the wiring connections on the Spa Quip heaters changed in November 2015. If you are not sure how to wire the replacement heater feel free to contact us.

Dimensions: Length: 355mm Diameter: 51mm
Additional Notes:

Includes complete with heater tube water sensor thermal overload sensor

Does not include in-heater temp sensor.

SP750 replacement heater 2kw

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