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(Davey) Spa Power SP601 Pack (Control Box 2kW)


Aquarius Spa Parts

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Type of Product: Davey electronic control pack
Manufacturer: (Davey) Spa Power
Power: Volts: 230vac Hz: 50
Specifications: Pump 1: Single or dual speed pump + circulation pump if required. Pump 2: Single Speed (Only If Pump 1 Is Single Speed With Circ) Air Blower: Single Or Variable Speed Heater: x 1 (2KW) Ozone: x 1 Light: x1 12 volt
Compatible With:
Connections: 50mm socket heater union sleeves. Amp cables plug onto the PCB to operate the components.
Dimensions: Length: 360 mm Width: 95 mm Height: 220 mm
Additional Notes: