Balboa M7 Sensor (12inch)


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Type of Product: Sensor probe
Manufacturer: Balboa
Connections: The probe slides into the holder and is secured by a plastic nut. The flat plastic 2-pin plug plugs straight onto the PCB.
Dimensions: Temperature Probe Diameter: 6 mmHi Limit Probe Diameter: 6 mmTemp Cable Length: 305mm or 12 inchesHi Limit Cable Length: 305mm or 12 inches
Commonly Used With: Balboa GS/GL Series such as GS501Z/GL2000 etc. but not GL8000. All order systems would use the longer 24 inches cable. Also used more recently on the Balboa BP series such as BP601 and BP2100. These sensors are also used on the Balboa Revolution series because of the shorter cable.
Additional Notes: If the sensor you are replacing has a longer cable i.e. 24 inches be sure to order the longer cable version instead otherwise it won't stretch to the place where it needs to plug in.All M7 sensors are calibrated the same be it long or short or if they have different numbers etc. so you just need to decide if it is the long cable or short cable you require.