Balboa GS501DZ PCB


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Type of Product: PCB or Circuit Board
Manufacturer: Balboa
Power: Volts: 230 Hz: 50
Specifications: Pump 1: Single or dual speed + circulation pump if required Pump 2: If no blower Pump 3: N/A Air Blower: Yes (optional) Heater: Yes Ozone: Yes Light: 12 volt Sensor style: M7 x 2 Pressure Switch: No
Compatible With: GS501DZ control box. Topside controls from the Serial Deluxe range such as the VL801D and the VL802D. This is not a common board but some variations are in circulation. You need to be sure if you are trying to fit this with any other version of a 501DZ other than the exact like for like GS501DZ.
Dimensions: Length: 280 mm Height: 130 mm
Additional Notes: This PCB is used as a replacement for an existing GS501DZ control box with a PCB failure. This must not be fitted to any other device/product. This should be done by an experienced tradesman or a competent individual as a faulty install could result in board damage and invalidate the warranty. *SPECIAL NOTE* J17 IS A PORT THAT ALLOWS YOU TO RUN EITHER AN AIR BLOWER OR ANOTHER SINGLE SPEED PUMP. THE PORT IS PROTECTED BY A 10 AMP QUICK BLOW FUSE. EXCHANGE FUSE TO 20 AMP IF USING A PUMP OR ADD LINK WIRE AS SHOWN ON REVERSE OF LID.