Balboa Double Sensor Harness 30278


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Type of product: Sensor assembly / harness
Manufacturer: Balboa
Connection: The 2 probes slide in to their holders and the flat plastic plug plugs straight on to the PCB.
Size specification:

Temperature probe diameter: 6mm
Hi limit probe diameter: 6mm
Temp cable length: 2438mm or 96 inches
Hi limit cable length: 787mm or 31 inches

Commonly used with: This sensor is not overly common but found on some smaller Balboa applications.
Additional notes:

The long lead sensor is reads the temperature and goes into the spa and the one with the small lead is the high limit which goes into the back of the heater.

There are 2 parts to this assembly the left and the right part have their own part numbers but the sensor combined reads a part number of 30278.