Aquaflo Flo-Master FMHP / FMCP 1hp Impeller (1.5hp 60Hz USA) & Circ Master impeller post 2006


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One Yellow dot on the impeller shaft sleeve Aquaflo Flo-Master FMHP 1hp impeller - ALSO NOW USED IN AQUAFLO CMHP CIRC-MASTER PUMPS SINCE 2006 WITHOUT A WEAR RING Diameter - 95mm, overall height - 94mm, height excluding shaft sleeve - 47mm Vane width - internal - 11mm, 6 Vanes Part no. marked - 91693651 1hp for 50Hz Australian and European FMHP pumps / 1.5hp for 60Hz USA pumps and 1/15th hp for circ-master pumps post 2006 FMHP used on Hot Springs Spas and others, CMHP used on Spa Industries Spas - Signature, Cyclone, Leisure-rite. *** NB *** If used to replace older Circ-Master impeller with pink/orange dot, the wear ring must NOT be used to ensure motor is not overloaded.