Aquaflo Circmaster CMCP / CMHP Impeller 1/15 hp (0.75hp FMHP / FMCP 60Hz USA) Used up to 2006


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One Pink OR Orange dot on the impeller shaft sleeve Aquaflo Circ-Master CMHP / CMCP 1/15th hp impeller Diameter - 95mm, overall height - 92mm, height excluding shaft sleeve - 47mm Vane width - internal - 6.5mm, 6 Vanes Part no. marked - 91693601 Used on Signature Spas and others Also used on 1hp FMHP / FMCP (0.75hp AUS) pumps in the USA ***NOTE*** There was a production change in 2006 and this impeller / wear ring combination was replaced with a larger impeller WITHOUT using a wear ring resulting in similar flow performance. Either can be used provided the wear ring is removed for the af91693651 impeller to ensure the motor is not overloaded.