Air Bleed Assembly


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Type of Product: Air Bleed Assembly
Manufacturer: Waterway
Most Common Size Reference: 32mm
Dimensions: Outer Length of threaded part: 32mm Outer Height stood on threaded end: 70mm Outer Diameter: 59mm  Internal Diameter: 44 mm
Commonly Used With: 3/8 inch vinyl pipe
Additional Notes:

This device is usually plumbed somewhere around the filter housing for easy access. You would usually connect the air bleed point from the head of the pumps or the bleed valves to this point to save you having to open up the inspection cabinet. This is to help prime the pumps so that you can avoid air locks in your system.

Assemble through the spa shell with silicone you can use a gasket instead of the silicone but not both together as this often causes the gasket to splurge out the side and would cause a leak.

O'ring and bleed screw included.