1.5 inch - 40mm Adapter


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Type of Product: Metric to Imperial-Apaptor / Converter-Socket / coupler / coupling / connector / slip / straight
Manufacturer: Bosta
Most Common Size Reference: 1.5 inch - 40mm (American Imperial pipe work is measured on the internal bore European Metric pipe work is measured by its external diameter)
Dimensions: Internal Diameter: 51mm Outer Length: 67mm Depth / Diameter: 60mm
Colour / Finish: Grey
Commonly Used With: 1.5 inch + 40mm rigid pipe and 1.5 inch + 50mm flexible rigid pipe.
Additional Notes:

Best to use a plumbing cleaner then pipe cement to assemble. Pipework pushes inside this part.

*Comes in grey not white as shown in this picture*