Spanet SV SmartLINK WiFi Module


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The SV SmartLINK WiFI module and SpaLINK smart device app allows you to connect to, and take control of your spa locally or remotely via WiFI, 3G or 4G network, providing access to your spa from any location at any time. This is ideal for holiday homes or commercial.

The SmartLINK module connects to any SV series spa controller (including SV mini) and then uses your home WiFi network to facilate communcation between the app server and the Spa

The SpaLINK app for your smart device (Apple / Android ) becomes a wireless remote for your spa enabling complete control over all spa accessories including pumps, air blowers, and LED spa lights and lighting effects. In addition the app provides total control over every possible spa configuration setting. There are no shortened menus or minimal access to limited setting. The SpaLINK app allows complete adjustment of all spa control settings as if you were standing in front of the spa

Simple to use touch screen menus make adjusting the temperature, selecting your desired heating mode, programming filtration, sleep or power save timers and other such settings a breeze. Even if you have never owbed or used a spa pool before, from the moment you open the app you'll be driving the spa like you were a professional