Plast-aid two part adhsive sealant plastic repair kit 40g


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Perfect for external leak repairs of plastic and acrylic parts under pressure

No need to replace cracked fittings - clean and apply Plast-Aid on exterior of fitting for lasting seal and repair

Perfect for filling Acrylic Spa Shell crack repairs - cast, fill, glue and form.

Fill cracks in acrylic spa shell prior to painting
Repair cracked PVC and acrylic fittings such as valve bodies, manifolds, filter housings
Manufacture specialty fittings by cementing components together. eg add a barbed fitting to a Tee piece for an air bleed connection.

NB - this product is white in colour. It is NOT designed to be the final surface for a spa shell crack repair.
Crack repairs should be subsequently sanded and painted first with colour and finally with a clear top coat using professional products designed for spa applications, applied with an airbrush.

1.5oz / 42g - makes 2.2 cubic inches of Plast-aid (36 cubic cm)

Cures in 15 mins.
Chemically fuses to ABS, PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate.

(does not bond polyethylene, urethane, vinyl, glass, polished metals)