Laing universal E6 variable speed pump(smooth barb)


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Type of Product: Circulation pump
Manufacturer: Laing
Common Power Reference:
Power: Volts: 230 Hz: 50 Motor HP Low / High: 0.009 - 0.063  Amps Low / High Speed: 0.03 - 0.26 RPM Low / High: 4000 
Plumbing Connections: 3/4 inch smooth barb
Electrical Connections: No wire with pump, you will need to use your existing wire
Dimensions: Length: 154 mm Height: 125 mm Depth: 105 mm
Commonly Used With :

This pump is the European version of the well known E10 vario now used in most applications in the USA and Canada. Artesian, Caldera, Dimension 1, LA Spa, Iberspa, Island Spas, Saratoga, Canadian Spa, Hot Spring (replacement for Silent Flo 5000), Spa in a Box, Sundance, Spring Spa and more

This pump fits: Hot Spring Envoy amongst others.

Additional Notes:

There are many variations as virtually every manufacturer who uses this pump had slightly different requirements. This new all in one version stops any guesswork with the new multi-speed selector on the side of the pump body. We offer a full money back guarantee on this product if for any reason it does not work with your system.

This newest version of a very popular pump is extremely energy efficient. It has a maximum output of 63 watts which is the equivalent to the largest model in the old range that delivered 130 watts. Effectively all the old outputs have been cut in half but have not affected the performance at all.

  • Quick conversions made simple:
  • 65 watt Laing pump = setting 3
  • 88 watt Laing pump = setting 4
  • 100 watt Laing pump = setting 5
  • 115 watt Laing pump = setting 6
  • 130 watt Laing pump = setting 7