Davey Spa-Quip SP400 1.5kw Heater Element


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Discontinued heater element

This part has now been discontinued from the manufacturers: Davey. You will need to swap out the complete controller/heater/touch pad.

See list below for alternative control system:

  • Balboa GS100 controller
  • Balboa GS100 2kw heater (40mm connections)
  • Balboa VL240/260 (oval) or VL401 (rectangle) touch pad 

Controller - The controller is seperate from the heater(same as your Davey SP400).

Heater - The old heater will need to removed from the pipe line and replaced with the new balboa heater. There are many heater to pump connections so if you are not sure please call or email us to discuss the fittings you may require

Touch pad - There are 3 different touch pads available. These are based on the existing Davey touch pad and pumps/blowers on your spa. Normally a Davey oval touch pad can be swopped out for a balboa touch pad directly. The rectangle touch pad will require making the hole a bit bigger on the spa